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linqpad the net programmer s playground - linqpad s dump method is famous for its capacity to eat almost anything tuned with numerous heuristics it intelligently walks object graphs for the best, marillion script for a jester s tear reviews - script for a jester s tear is a music studio album recording by marillion neo prog progressive rock released in 1983 on cd lp vinyl and or cassette this page, git how do i remove a submodule stack overflow - how do i remove a git submodule by the way is there a reason i can t simply do git submodule rm whatever, the genetic map of europe brilliant maps - the map above created by eupedia com shows the genetic makeup of european countries based on haplogroups these groups each share a common ancestor and, sherlock holmes script transcript from the screenplay - sherlock holmes script taken from a transcript of the screenplay and or the robert downey jr movie, the hospital script transcript from the screenplay and - the hospital script taken from a transcript of the screenplay and or the paddy chayefsky movie starring george c scott, basic instinct script by joe eszterhas - basic instinct by joe eszterhas int a bedroom night it is dark we don t see clearly a man and woman make love on a brass bed there are mirrors on the walls and, the dark tower series wikipedia - the dark tower is a series of eight books written by american author stephen king that incorporate themes from multiple genres including dark fantasy science, the matrix science fiction and fantasy movie scripts - the matrix melding into each other until all traces of his staring out the windows at the city below shimmering with brilliant, cuneiform definition history facts britannica com - cuneiform cuneiform system of writing used in the ancient middle east the name a coinage from latin and middle french roots meaning wedge shaped has been, jennifer lawrence and the history of cool girls buzzfeed - celebrity jennifer lawrence and the history of cool girls be chill and don t be a downer act like a dude but look like a supermodel, read movie script online awesomefilm com - william shakespeare s romeo juliet adapted for the screen by craig pearce and baz luhrmann, web page password protect free php scripts - password protect your content with web page password protect by just adding one line of php code to your page source script will present user with password entry, high speed internet security mcafee internet security - protect your online experience with rcn boston s internet security offerings including mcafee anti virus and pc security products, sqltxplain tips burleson oracle consulting - here is a great new script from carlos sierra a brilliant developer at oracle corporation this script is an enhancement to the center of excellence coe, linux ftrace tcp retransmit tracing brendan gregg - you can comment here but i can t guarantee your comment will remain here forever i might switch comment systems at some point eg if disqus add, the king s speech wikipedia - the king s speech is a 2010 british historical drama film directed by tom hooper and written by david seidler colin firth plays the future king george vi who to, open source javascript test runner cypress io - a test runner built for humans an open source front end testing tool built for the modern web, incapable definition and meaning collins english dictionary - incapable definition someone who is incapable of doing something is unable to do it meaning pronunciation translations and examples, limn definition of limn by merriam webster - did you know allow us to shed some light on the history of limn a word with lustrous origins limn traces to the middle french verb enluminer and ultimately to, deploying microsoft office 2016 removing old versions - for the last few weeks we ve been building application packages to serve as prerequisites for office 2016 installation today we ll tackle one last preparatory, musicians the lost words - karine polwart robert macfarlane picked out karine s script for her award winning show wind resistance for the guardian s best books of 2017, official secrets review variety - keira knightley battles british intelligence in a staid but ennobling tale of a whistleblower who tried to prevent the iraq war, perf cpu sampling brendan gregg - top 1 shows a process is burning cpu what do you do next depending on the application and context you might use an application profiler to see why, just what is southern rock udiscovermusic - it s a genre that is uniquely american but one that british musicians like eric clapton and george harrison found appealing but what is southern rock, kookaburra cinema the friendliest outdoor cinema in - an outdoor cinema using digital technology for quality viewing and listening you will enjoy your movie viewing here near mundaring weir why not come early for a, stygian my little pony friendship is magic wiki fandom - stygian also known as the pony of shadows is a male unicorn and the antagonist of the season seven finale shadow play he is a battle strategist and friend of the, asriel has two souls gaster has many undertale - script for asriel has 2 souls gaster has many by blackfootferret aka robert e taylor iv souls are what drive the story of undertale monster souls contain, daedalus episode memory alpha fandom powered by wikia - the inventor of earth s transporter comes aboard enterprise for an experiment enterprise nx 01 is in orbit of earth captain archer and commander tucker walk down a, the maquis part i episode memory alpha fandom - when a cardassian freighter explodes at deep space 9 the cardassians blame federation colonists in the new demilitarized zone while a cardassian freighter the bok