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list of probability distributions wikipedia - many probability distributions that are important in theory or applications have been given specific names, 22 spreadsheet to study distributions - various spreadsheets with mathematical distributions for teaching purposis, probability and statistics ebook socr ucla - preface this is an internet based probability and statistics e book the materials tools and demonstrations presented in this e book would be very useful for, process capability analysis statgraphics - process capability analysis an important statistical technique used to determine how well a process meets a set of specification limits discover more about this, discrete vs continuous variables how to tell the - how to tell the difference between discrete vs continuous variables in easy steps hundreds of articles and videos for elementary statistics, interactive web apps for exploring statistical artofstat - explore statistical concepts in an interactive way the following apps have graphs that update with clicks on buttons or sliders each explores a different statistical, hypothesis testing binomial distribution real statistics - examples demonstrating how to use excel functions to perform hypothesis testing using the binomial distribution, apache commons math 3 6 1 api - the functionpackage contains function objects that wrap the methods contained in math as well as common mathematical functions such as the gaussian and sinc